My Story


I'm Gosia. I started teaching when I was doing my English degree. Initially, it was a way to make money while at university, but I ended up enjoying it so much that I continued to teach until I left for the UK in 2013. Even while I spent time building my career in international companies and at a university, both before and after I came to the UK, I was still doing 1-2-1 classes. My last regular job was a well-paid one but it didn’t provide any personal development and career opportunities. For that reason, 2,5 years ago I started my own business and since then I’ve been interpreting for my compatriots (Polish people) at a city council, police stations, courts and hospitals, and, at the same time, helping speakers of other languages gain practical knowledge of English. I believe learning English is a path to self-improvement and personal fulfilment. It doesn’t matter what goals you’ve set for yourself – changing your job, studying at an international university, teaching your kid or travelling – English can help you achieve them and, believe me, each and every one of those goals can be accomplished. So welcome to the world of English learning. There are plenty of routes to fulfilling your ambitions. In my practice, however, I focus on helping mostly women gain independence, whatever it may mean to them. On top of that, I am determined to prove that the learning experience can be effective without being school-like. I want to show you a path where you shape your own language. I reckon that everyone brings something into your life and everyone has something interesting to share. Chances are that if you want to talk about something in your own language, you’ll want to talk about it English. Are you ready for an English journey of your life? Join me today, tame English without unnecessary stress and reach for what you’ve always dreamt of.

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